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Wild Bills provides customers with new, innovative, and quality products to allow them to enjoy their hobby and interact with nature in a responsible and respectful manner.

The Story of the Perfect Bird Feeder

"Why aren't bird feeders big?" asked the bird lover who dreamed of enticing flights of colorful wild wings and bills to feed. "Bigger is better," he observed. "We'll enjoy more birds on fewer refills."

Large is lovely, all agreed, but squirrels will destroy it, and seed will go soggy. "My design will keep birds safe to feed in peace and comfort, on seed kept fresh and dry. The crafty squirrels, persuaded by a gentle sting, will learn to leave and eat the leavings at ground level."

Sure enough, as families watched enchanted, the feathers flocked and feasted while the fur fled and flew. "What fun," they said. "Perfect," he said.

Since birds eat with their bills, it's called:
Squirrel-Free Bird Feeder

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We are the exclusive manufacturer of the popular Wild Bills Squirrel Free Bird Feeders.

Anti Squirrel Bird Feeder by Wild Bills

Manufactured in the USA

Natures Needs, Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer of Wild Bills Squirrel Free Birdfeeders, a unique anti squirrel bird feeder.
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