Wild Bills squirrel-free bird feederManufacturedin the USAKeep the Squirrels and Animals off your Bird Feeder!
You love that your bird feeder attracts beautiful birds, but the food also invites unwanted visitors, such as squirrels. If there was only a safe, harmless way to keep the furry critters on the ground.

Wild Bills has the answer! With its unique SQUIRREL STINGER, Wild Bills Anti Squirrel Bird Feeders train thieving squirrels (and raccoons) to eat elsewhere. Plus, this design keeps seed fresh and dry, so you can fill the feeder less often. And, the best part is the SQUIRREL STINGER is gentle on squirrels and won’t harm birds!

With Wild Bills, you’ll get a design that keeps birds safe to feed in peace and comfort, is squirrel proof, has the option of offering eight or 12 perches, holds up to a maximum of 20 pounds of seed, protects the seed from rain, is impervious to weather damage and attracts a wide show of birds for your viewing pleasure. View our anti squirrel bird feeder products, download our order form, or product instructions here.

12 port bird feeder that prevents squirrels and other four legged creatures from eating your seed.

12 Port Product

8 Port Product

Feeding Frenzy

  • Extra large seed hopper
    with 3 sections to accommodate
    3 different types of seed
    and to attract various birds
  • 20 lb. Capacity
  • 22" High x 15" Diameter
  • 12 bird-friendly feeding stations
  • Top and Bottom Squirrel-Stinger
  • Hang or pole mount
    (pole mount not included)
  • Requires a 9v battery (not included)

  • Large seed hopper
  • 14 lb. Capacity
  • 18" High x 15" Diameter
  • 8 bird-friendly feeding stations
  • Top and Bottom Squirrel-Stinger
  • Hang or pole mount
    (pole mount not included)
  • Requires a 9v battery (not included)

  • Non-Electronic Bird Feeder
  • Large capacity hopper:
    (14 lbs.) of seed
  • 8 bird friendly feeding portals
  • Same great birdfeeder without the electronics!

Instructions and FAQs

How do I know if the unit is working properly? (from Instructions):

If you have the new micro-processor circuit board the following will apply: When you turn your feeder on you will hear a series of beeps. If your battery is fully charged, you will hear 3 beeps, a slight pause and then 4 more beeps. The second series of beeps is letting you know that the electronics is working. If you only hear 2 beeps and a series of 4 beeps this is telling you that your battery is still good but getting weak. If you hear only one beep you should change your battery. When your battery is low you may not hear the second series of beeps.

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Do the birds feeding receive a shock?

The WildBills™ Squirrel-free Bird Feeder is incapable of adversely affecting a bird because of a bird's physiological characteristics. Bird's bills, feathers, and scale-covered feet insulate their bodies. Even under extreme wet conditions, the oil on a bird's feathers, combined with other physical characteristics and the air trapped by their feathers, prevents any electricity from reaching their body.

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